Luciano Siciliani

Creative Lab Studio was born substantially within the vision of a person.
Here I am, very pleased. Welcome, take your place, sit down. Leave your world, your worries outside the front door, only for a few moments. I promise that everything will be waiting for you. Sit next to me, if you like, or put yourself in the most distant corner, right there, near the fireplace and its incessant, dreamlike sound. Don’t worry, we won’t talk about me, this “About” section could easily apply for the award as the most “sui generis” section ever written. We will talk about us. Exactly us. We came here together following or creating these images that in some way have established an indisputable connection between us. A bond. To claim that these images represent me would be to lie to you, is definitely not what you love to do. Never.
What you see on this site is counting something of me and, believe me, if you have come here also tells something about you. This is not why they represent you, nor can they do it for me. The images present are an expression of what they are, daughters of meetings between people who have decided to give each other moments of trust and sincere sharing. The same act that you are doing, in this fleeting moment, reading these few lines written in a flash and visiting these pages.
Very prosaically you will find a summary of my “vision” and how much I can do for you (individuals or companies) in the page dedicated to services or in the section dedicated to the different workshops and master classes.
In this page, I realize, you should have found information about who I am, where I come from and, hopefully, where I’m going. As a person and as a Creative Studio.
I prefer to tell you, trivially and sincerely, that I am here for those who want to share the desire to take a few steps together along the way, for those who feel excited about the idea of creating together something that communicates, that gives voice and narrative to a mute image only in appearance. Enthusiastic about the idea of creating something that captures us, tears us apart for a single moment from our world to drag us into a dimension where time stops.