Authorial Portrait

Each portrait tells a different and unique story, unrepeatable because the combination of the infinite chemical connections that intertwine in a single, impermanent instant is transitory.

The aim of the portraitist, and of the Creative Lab Studio in particular, is to stimulate and capture that uniqueness and exalt it. The techniques, lights and places of shooting range without limits or preconceptions, modelling themselves around the subject in an alternation of study, alteration of emotions, listening and attention to the present moment in order to obtain a distinctive work.

Post-production will then be declined in part active within the process of enhancing the uniqueness of the created portrait.

Editorial Portrait, Adv and Business

Creative Lab Studio is available to create editorials and advertising images always focused on the search for a strong uniqueness and stylistic recognition of visual and expressive communication.

People are obviously the gravitational center whose exploration and enhancement of their image will go hand in hand with the process of enhancement and distinction of the communication to be conveyed.

The communicative and representative power of the image is the target, the uniqueness and truthfulness of the creative and relational process the means.

In the case of Business Portrait, for example, it will not be able to act as the only one
The objective is to provide a unique and effective representation of the subject.
The person depicted must also be able to communicate with strength and determination those corporate values for which the leadership makes itself an ambassador. At the same time, it cannot and must not make the uniqueness of the person elusive or “watered down”.

As in life, harmony and balance are often the goal of all research. Never to be confused with banality and lack of communicative power.

So let us help you correctly communicate those values, that lifestyle, that specific emotion through the uniqueness and iconicity of an evocative image. For you, your public image, your products or your company.

Stage Photography

Close parent of the portraiture set and of theatrical/cinematographic “visions”, is quite different from the narrative, almost univocally linked to the expressiveness of the person portrayed.

We are looking for a communication that considers the creation and care of the context as an integral part of the non-verbal message that wants to be conveyed or left in suspense. A particular stimulus comes from the deep differentiation of relationship and emotional interaction between the immortalized “scene” and the observer outside it, called to fill appropriate gaps left “open”, varcable and interpretable.

The desire to leave this further expressive door open stems from the need to be able to express an intimate vision not strictly linked to the factual reality, through a different creative visual language declined in multiple narrative timings.

Born as a pure expression and response to highly creative calls, it lends itself perfectly to be declined in a context of wide-ranging advertising and high authoritative character, creative and strong communicative impact.

The product is therefore part of the emotional and visual communication without polarizing or overwhelming the expressive language, but also coming out deeply enhanced by the context designed for harmony or contrast with the level of the product or brand connected.